Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random Mini Review #01

(I thought it might be fun to open my media player, set it to random play, and write a short review of whatever song comes on, no matter what it is. Maybe I'll do this once a week or so. Might be an interesting experiment.)

Song: "Aum/Venus/Capricorn Rising"
Artist: Pharoah Sanders
Album: Tauhid

Drums then sax rising like a rocketship, fighting the jealous grip of gravity, and breaking free with ear-bleeding passion. The aural trip races through pulsars and asteroids with increasing tension and terror until ... everything relaxes, falls into a gentle orbit around a soothing bassline; the coolest of horn and piano (from when cool meant cool, before the West Coast, easy-listening "jazz" players got ahold of it) leads us to the softest of landings, and the song ends.

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